Are you interested in a Doctor Who convention in Glasgow?

Hello, everyone!

The Glasgow Doctor Who Society are considering the possibility of arranging a one-day Doctor Who convention in 2014, most likely around May or June.

For the sake of clarity, we are not talking about a massive Collectormania style event – Showmasters already have that kind of thing covered brilliantly and we have neither the resources nor the desire to compete on that level.

We’re talking about a convention more along the lines of Dimensions, Regenerations or Whooverville – a more intimate affair with around a hundred or so fans.

But we need to know that the support is there before we start planning in any detail.

If the event goes ahead, it would be a one day convention and standard admission would include access to all guest talks in the main convention hall plus at least one free autograph from each guest in attendance.

With that in mind, we would really like as many people as possible to answer the following four questions for us;

Please answer all of the questions as honestly as possible – if you wouldn’t attend unless the entire cast and crew from the last 8 years are there, we need to know that! So don’t tell us that you would turn up for an Auton and a photograph of a cameraman unless you mean it!

We will hopefully have an idea whether this is going to be possible in the very near future!


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